Monthly Archives: August 2012

Rainy Bank Holiday


I wasn’t surprised to wake hearing the rain on the windows this morning

Just another typical bank holiday but it certainly put a stop to my plans of a walk along the beach searching for sea glass and shells.

Instead it was more of a knitting, reading and journalling day for Me

Whilst the children baked cakes (which seem to of disappeared before I was able to take photos)

Knitting………………………….a cowl

On my kindle…………………………. The Memory Keepers Daughter

Sari journal

I think a lazy relaxing day should continue into the evening so having¬†finally down loaded ‘love film’ I think a movie and a mug of hot milk with a chocolate spoon is in order!


Hello world!


After four years of blogging the time had come to start afresh, myself and my life have changed so much in that time that I felt I wasn’t that person anymore.

It feels good to start over!

So why pine cones and feathers?

After days of trying to find the perfect name, it was staring at Me the whole time.

Right in front of Me, on my table there sat a pine cone and a feather, treasures from our walks bought home by my little man.

A reminder of our love of nature and finding beauty along the way!